SETC – Self Employed Tax Credit

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Here’s how it works: You share a special SETC link with US-based Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs that gives them access to a Self Employed Tax Credit (SETC) refund of up to $32,220 in free government money.
Yes, you heard that right – free money! And the best part? You’re not selling anything. You’re setting them up to receive a huge Tax credit, and you make a fat commission every time someone receives their share of the Government money on offer.

This opportunity is so easy and so powerful because you become the hero. You’re putting smiles on people’s faces by giving them access to thousands of dollars they didn’t even know they were entitled to. And with a massive pool of $50 billion in government funds waiting to be distributed, there’s plenty of money to go around.

Who qualifies for a rebate? Any USA-based entrepreneur with self-employment income in 2021 can qualify for this incredible tax credit.  From solopreneurs and gig workers to small business owners and consultants, tens of thousands of different types of entrepreneurs can receive their share of this $50 billion rebate offered by the US Government as reimbursement for their business difficulties experienced during Covid.

And the best part? You don’t have to be in the U.S. to profit from this amazing giveaway. Whether located in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, you can tap into this massive pool of government funds and easily profit in return.
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Be the HERO!

You are giving up to $32,220 SETC away, each time… And YOU make a handsome commission on that! If a husband and wife are entrepreneurs, both can claim and the couple can receive up to $64,440 in Tax refunds.

You’re putting smiles on people’s faces by giving them access to thousands of dollars of free money they didn’t even know was theirs to begin with! This blows any of those other high-ticket programs out of the water because it is so simple and who would decline a gift of free money? 
The amazing thing about this new opportunity is, YOU ARE NOT SELLING ANYTHING…
You don’t have to “get anyone to buy” a $5,000 or $10,000 product so YOU can make $1,000.

You’re simply setting U.S. entrepreneurs up to receive a huge Tax credit, and you get paid up to $1,920 per deal every time someone receives their share of the Government money on offer.

How is this possible?

There is a giant pool of $50,000,000,000 that MUST be given away, as soon as possible…
And every time you help someone get THEIR FREE MONEY…YOU MAKE MONEY!
And, YOU get paid up to $1,920 PER DEAL!

With this massive US Government Giveaway, the US Government has allocated SETC over $50 Billion to help SOLO-PRENEURS and ENTREPRENEURS OF ALL KINDS…

OK, Let’s take a look at the details…This amazing business assistance program is called the: Self-Employed Tax Credit (SETC).
With the SETC program: Any U.S. ENTREPRENEUR with self-employment income in 2021 can qualify.

Tens of Thousands of different types of entrepreneurs can get this money.
So many that we can’t list them all here.

There are a huge number of entrepreneurs who easily qualify to receive SETC giveaway money.
Bottom line, if they had any self-employment income, and had to make EVEN SMALL CHANGES due to Covid in 2021, they probably qualify for up to $32,220 in REFUNDS!

Even if they received (or applied for ERTC funds, they can ALSO qualify for SETC funds on top of that.

We were shocked that the CPAs didn’t tell them about this…
Most don’t even know about this “hidden” program…
Most have NO CLUE that this even exists!

All you need to do is help Entrepreneurs claim their share of the Self Employed Tax Credit on offer by the U.S. Government.
Obtain your affiliate link to make the introduction, and the specialist team of CPAs trained to get these refunds FAST will take it from there providing all the assistance and guidance the entrepreneur needs. 

Profit From Anywhere in the World

And now YOU (from anywhere in the world) can tap into this little-known, but massive pool of government funds by giving it away for free…
All you do is share your link with entrepreneurs of all kinds and let your landing page do the rest.

  • Get Your Affiliate Link
  • You send entrepreneurs your link which shows them how to get up to $32,220 of FREE GOVERNMENT MONEY easily…

Even though this is a US program…

That’s right, you can be from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Just enroll in this program, get your special landing page link, and start promoting to US-based entrepreneurs!

Remember all you do is get them to click your link.

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The amazing thing is:
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By enrolling in this system, you receive your very own PROFESSIONAL LANDING PAGE LINK that PAYS YOU COMMISSIONS every time someone gets FREE MONEY…

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You can also get paid 2nd tier affiliate commissions!
That’s right – you can offer people an opportunity to promote giveaway money to entrepreneurs…
With the two-tier affiliate program, you can multiply your income by sharing this opportunity with others. You earn commissions not only on the deals you make but also on every deal your referrals make. It’s a win-win-win opportunity that’s too good to pass up.

So why wait? The time to act is now. Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime, and with the $50 billion giveaway program expiring in one year, you have a limited window of time to make all the money you want. Don’t miss out on your chance to make a fortune while helping others to succeed and blessing entrepreneurs with a tax credit.

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In summary,
1.) You get paid to share a link that gives away free money to US entrepreneurs.
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Step-by-step guidance is available if you need assistance to set up your Money Making Machine.
Yes, please train me on the BEST WAYS to make money with the $50 Billion Giveaway.

There is SO MUCH FREE MONEY available to give away to entrepreneurs!

With this program, you do have an incredible income-generating opportunity.
This is available to the young, old, newbie, experienced, inexperienced, you name it, you can do this – and get paid – from anywhere in the world. You can also be completely anonymous if you want!

No selling, answering questions, or credentials are needed.
No website, no tech skills, no “marketing” required…
No special skill required
Because you’re GIVING AWAY MONEY – it is so simple!
AND…You can do this with no money out of your pocket from anywhere in the world!

People will love you for sharing this!

Do not delay. TAKE ACTION NOW!

You have a limited window of time to make all the money you want from this system…
Opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime and if you don’t jump on them…they are gone like seedlings in the wind.
This exciting NEW OPPORTUNITY won’t last forever.

According to the US Government, this PROGRAM EXPIRES IN ONE YEAR (April 2025) At that point, this US Government Program will shut down and these funds will no longer be available to all deserving entrepreneurs.

The good news is you have until then to give away Billions of dollars to entrepreneurs and make handsome commissions in the process.
NOW IS THE TIME TO JUMP ON THIS OPPORTUNITY. The sooner you get started; the sooner you get paid.

Get your stake of the money while it is here for the taking.


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