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Get ready to discover affiliate marketing secrets as Igor shares his incredible journey from rags to achieving financial freedom. Discover the Breakthrough recipe that enables affiliates to change everything, enabling affiliate marketers to get paid large sums of money at will. What to promote to make maximum money in minimum time? How to participate in this white-hat shortcut to large commissions, low refunds, weak competitors, and fast payouts?

How can You become a 6-Figure Affiliate in the next 30 days?

If you want to discover affiliate marketing secrets from successful affiliate marketers, pay attention as you read the rest of this enlightening article!

Meet Igor Kheifets

My name is Igor Kheifets and I’m a super-affiliate. On most days, I earn more in one day online than most people (maybe even you) make in a month working their day job.
igor kheifets pilot

A few years ago I went from a struggling affiliate marketer who couldn’t make an affiliate sale even if his life depended on it… to one of the world’s most respected super-affiliates who routinely nets…$1426+++ in Commissions in a single day!

“How I Went From Scrubbing Ketchup Off Plastic Trays In Burger King To Making $4,006,073.24 a Year Online!”

annual income

“What Made The Difference?”

What put an end to my affiliate struggles and turned my failing affiliate business around virtually overnight?

What instantly put me on the fast track to making big money with affiliate marketing… even though I was inexperienced, broke, and confused?

In a nutshell – I stopped promoting low-converting, low-paying affiliate offers everyone told me I should promote.

And instead, I jumped on one of the most profitable and fastest-growing affiliate trends of the decade…

Seriously. I’m not kidding when I say, all other things being equal and absent with no other changes in your affiliate marketing…

“…Promoting These High-Paying Affiliate Products Is The Difference Between Making Peanuts And Making Tens Of Thousands of Dollars a Week!”

affiliate commissions

Had I known the truth about getting big affiliate commissions, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to finally start making money with my fledgling affiliate business.

But before I discovered these lucrative offers, I spent ages promoting low-converting, low-paying affiliate offers that everyone else promoted.

Without even knowing it, I was digging a hole for myself, because due to super-low commissions, I couldn’t afford any tools or traffic for my affiliate marketing, so I worked hard creating content, writing blogs, shooting videos, optimizing my website for Google and a million other things I now feel were a waste of time, because…

You Can’t “Outwork” Bad Economics!

No matter what anyone tells you, to grow your affiliate business you need seed capital.
You need money to buy tools, software, ads, landing page builders, the lot.

But if you aren’t making big commissions on each sale you refer, you can’t continue putting money into your business without seeing a return. Your pockets will only stretch so far, before you go broke.

That’s why virtually…

“…Every Affiliate Marketer
Who Doesn’t Know This Secret Eventually Gets Eaten!”

That’s the bad news.
But there’s good news too.
For me, discovering this secret was liberating, because it drew a line between the affiliate programs I should avoid and the affiliate offers I should promote.

In fact, it led me to an amazing breakthrough discovery that changed my life forever in ways I never thought were even possible.
It unlocked for me what I’ve always wanted, but never knew how to get – make big earnings with a small effort.

“Big Breakthrough Discovery That Changed Everything!”

For once I had a system to produce I could count on with my eyes closed.
I stopped worrying about where my next sale is going to come from… and whether it’s going to be a big sale or a small sale.

In fact, for once, I was expecting to get paid the big bucks, because it wasn’t up to me, my skills, talents, positive thinking, connections or anything like that.

For the first time in my life I had a proven and tested systematic blueprint to…

“…Getting Paid Large Sums of Money At Will!”

affiliate commissions

“How It Works?”

To understand how this system works, it’s first important to understand why other affiliate offers simply never work as advertised.
When you start researching best affiliate programs in Google, you tend to come up with a handful of options…

best affiliate programs google

Almost without exception, every affiliate marketing expert spits out advice that leads down a time-sucking rabbit hole that starts with…amazon associates

Amazon Associates program seems very exciting at first because Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world. There’s brand recognition, a wide range of products to choose from, reasonable prices, fast shipping, and the whole nine yards.

In other words, do you really need to sell Amazon to anyone?

No, you don’t.

But there is a big problem with promoting Amazon as an affiliate and it is…

“…Painfully Low Commissions!”

amazon low commissions

Knowing this, you have to ask yourself…

“How Much Can You Really Make Getting Paid Measly 4% Commission On a $20 Item?”

Let me do the math for you.


Plus, you’re competing against millions of people who are promoting the same website, the same products, and the same offers, to the same crowded niche markets.

Specifically, you’re up against…

two million amazon affiliates

“Fine, Igor! So if Amazon Affiliate Program Is Crap…
What Should I Promote To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time?”

If you want to get rich in affiliate marketing, here are the specific things to avoid like the plague.

These things quite literally repel money.

Affiliate marketers who don’t get this, spend a lot of money going full gas in neutral.

  • Low Commissions – you can’t run a business with overheads and marketing costs without healthy profit margins. If you’re making a few bucks a sale, then you don’t stand a chance, especially in a competitive niche market. The thing is, advertising costs are rising all the time, so unless your profit-per-sale far exceeds your cost-per-sale, you, my friend, are toast!
  • Fierce Competition – competing against capable aggressive rivals for a sale isn’t going to make affiliate marketing easier or fun. It will only cost you more time, more money, and more grief. As if convincing someone to buy wasn’t hard enough, now you have to sweet talk them into buying through your link rather than your rival’s. I don’t like other people eating out of my plate, do you?
  • High Refunds – imagine giving up up to half the commissions you make, before you even make a sale. Sounds absurd, right? But that’s what many affiliate marketers do when they promote high-refund affiliate programs like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and even Shopify merchants. Physical item refund rates are skyrocketing due to shipping delays, subpar product quality, and misguided expectations – and it’s you who is taking the hit!
  • No Repeat Purchase Opportunities – this is kind of a big deal because getting a customer is one of the most expensive things you’ll ever do. If so, you better maximize your profits by getting customers who make several purchases over time. It takes just as much effort to get a one-time customer as it does a client who’s going to buy more than one product from your affiliate link.
  • Slow Payouts – so you made a few sales, and now you’re waiting to get paid. They’ll put a check in the mail in 2 weeks and it’ll take 2 more weeks to clear once it arrives. So while you wait, you’re racking up expenses on your credit card. That’s no good. Cashflow is king. It’s needed to scale your operation. If you’re waiting to get paid, you’re not making money!

“Finally! Totally White-Hat Shortcut To Large Commissions, Low Refunds, Weak Competitors And Fast Payouts!”

big commissions

While the rest of the world is fighting for scraps promoting low-paying affiliate programs, smart affiliate marketers profit from…

“…Lucrative E-Learning Affiliate Programs”

what is e-learning

Newsflash! The world had gone remote. But in spite of what the media is reporting, it hadn’t happened because of COVID-19. It happened almost 20 years ago.

For almost two decades, a small secretive society of affiliate marketers has been profiting from promoting online courses in a wide variety of passion niche markets.

But things are changing rapidly in a good way, because…

“…Online Courses Have Gone Mainstream, Creating Dozens of New Niche Markets And Shooting e-Education Profits Through The Roof!”


“How Is This Different From Other Affiliate Programs?”

The difference between promoting peanut-paying affiliate programs like Amazon, Walmart, or Travel is like the difference between riding a bicycle and a motorbike.

They look very similar on the surface.
Both have 2 wheels and a steering wheel. They can sit with one or two people. They can go in a straight line as well as turn or even ride in circles.

But there is a huge difference.
The bicycle will only get you so far because it requires a lot of pedaling. If you don’t work those pedals, you’re not going to make much headway. If you do, you can get places, but you’ll be exhausted and sweaty when you get there.

Plus, there’s a range, beyond which pedaling your bike doesn’t make sense. Like if you wanted to go from Chicago to New York, I’d leave my bicycle at home. I also can’t imagine you taking your bicycle to do your weekly grocery shopping at Costco.

It’s a losing proposition no matter how you look at it.

Enter the motorbike.
On paper, almost the same. But a totally different story on the road.
Practically speaking, two wheels and an engine will get you further than two wheels and a set of pedals. And they’d do it 1,000X faster! There are other benefits like comfort and convenience. Plus, you look cool riding a motorbike, so the cool kids would want to play with you.

Owning and riding a motorbike offers exponential lifestyle improvement over walking or riding a bike same as e-learning affiliate programs offer exponential income improvement over “traditional” affiliate marketing programs.

But don’t you get super pumped yet, because there’s one more thing you need to know to…

“…Avoid a Costly Mistake With e-Learning Affiliate Programs!”

udemy low commissions

“Some e-Learning Affiliate Programs SUCK!”

For example, Udemy is an online course portal offering thousands of courses virtually in every category. They’re sort of like the Amazon of courses.
Udemy helps course creators focus on what they do best – creating content and teaching – while they focus on bringing customers.
Udemy allows course creators to price their courses as they deem fit, but most programs on the site cost anywhere from $7 to $25.
So when you dig into Udemy’s terms and find out they’re paying 15% commission across the board, it really kills the mood to promote their platform.

udemy courses

“You Need To Sell Thousands of Courses Every Month To Earn a Decent Living, Unless…

…you’ve been invited to an exclusive community of affiliate marketers who promote online courses outside of Udemy (and sites like Udemy) that pay $97, $297, $497, and even $997 per sale.

igor kheifets commissions

Imagine making bill-paying income with a just couple of affiliate sales every month.
More… imagine making $10,000 per month with as little as 10 sales.
Even more… imagine the lifestyle you can afford when you aren’t tied up behind your computer, trying to figure out how to squeeze blood from a stone.
In fact, my favorite part about being an e-learning super-affiliate is the…


igor kheifets networth

“How Can You Become a 6-Figure e-Learning Affiliate In The Next 30 Days?”

You’ve probably got some questions about all this, such as…

  • “Where can I find these secret high-paying e-learning offers?”
  • “What’s the best way to promote these offers once I get approved?”
  • “How do I get customers (aka drive traffic) to these offers?”
  • “What if my computer skills are limited?”
  • “What if I’m working with a small budget?”
  • “What if I don’t have much time to fit this new venture into my packed schedule?”

I’ve put together free training for you where I answer all these questions.

I then take you by the hand and show you how to make your first $1,000 with e-learning affiliate programs in the next 4 weeks.

Go watch the free training to see and understand how…

“…Paul D, a School Teacher From London Is Making $11,186.10 Per Month!”

school teacher makes 11,186.10 in commissions

And how this same approach is generating this stay-at-home mom of 3 from New Zealand a staggering…$3,045.23 Per Month!”

stay at home mom makes $3,045.23

Go watch the free training here…

“Why Give You My Golden Goose?”

It’s a bit hard to explain because it doesn’t make logical sense, but you can’t really hurt my income, even if you promoted the same affiliate offers I did, to the same audience, at the same time.
And I’m not talking about some metaphysical mumbo jumbo like abundance thinking.
It’s pure market economics.

When you profit $197, $497, $997, or even $1,997 in commissions for every sale, you only need a few sales each month to make a comfortable living.

But the market is so big (remember, Forbes estimates going to be a $325,000,000,000 market soon), and the customers in this market are so hungry, that there’s more than enough money to go around for everyone.

For example, I’ve been successfully making money with e-learning affiliate programs for many years, and I’m still unknown. When I leave my home people don’t come up to me for an autograph or anything like that. In fact, I bet you didn’t even know who I was until you started reading this letter.


“I Make More Money In 1 Day Than Some People Make At Their Day Job an Entire Year!”

igor kheifets earnings

That’s why over the years I was never shy to share what I know with my students and help them make money too. Like I did for Mike M. from Canada…

igor kheifets student mike m commissions

Mike isn’t making millions or anything, but I think an extra $428.55 per day is nothing to sneeze at for a nursing student, who goes to school full-time and only promotes affiliate programs part-time when he’s not doing homework, don’t you?

“Igor, Can This Really Be So Easy?”

Yes, it absolutely can, in spite of what your habitually skeptical mind (and friends and family) may think.
In fact, your life could be nothing like it was before when you first discovered these lucrative affiliate programs.
David D. from Toronto experienced it firsthand when he made…

“…Over $100,000 In Just 30 Days!”

igor kheifets income

Do you want to hear something crazy?

“This Is Just ONE Income Stream!”

He’s got many more.
Some pay him more.
Some pay him less.
Some affiliate programs produce tens of thousands of dollars a month.
Other affiliate programs produce tens of thousands of dollars a year.
Some are completely passive.
Some require a few hours a week to grow and maintain.
In fact, he makes an easy…

“…$3,310.45 Sending Out Just 1 Email!”

igor kheifets income student

Okay, I know this may seem a bit “out there” for you, because you’ve never seen such windfalls hit you so quickly in your life, but, here’s what I’m saying.

When you promote these affiliate programs correctly, making money becomes very easy. So easy, in fact, you can decide how fast you’d like to go from zero to hero, because of how easy it is. Link across for the Free Training.

Some days I still can’t believe how much money is hitting my account and how quickly. I get a weird sense of guilt for making money too quickly. And I have to quickly shake it off and remind myself that…

“…It’s the New Economy Where Money Is Easy, Automated & Fast!”

igor kheifets income

“My Big Fat Dumb Mistake…

…That Cost Me Millions of Dollars In Commissions I Never Made In My First 42 Months In Affiliate Marketing”
I got into affiliate marketing just before I graduated college.
The path I was on was becoming boring and seemed like a dead end because none of the people who graduated before me were rich.

And all I wanted (secretly because it was frowned upon to admit it publicly) was to get rich because I knew there was more to life than living in a beat-down apartment my parents were renting, driving a piece of crap of a car and watching other people “make it” in movies and TV.

igor kheifets old home

“My Bedroom Window. Reminds You of a Prison Cell Window, Doesn’t It?”

I started my affiliate marketing business out of this bedroom.

The living room was located to the left, where my dad spent most of his time watching premier league soccer and snooker tournaments to numb any ambition he had left at the ripe age of 44, having failed at nearly every business he tried, until he settled for on-and-off security gigs.

And to the right, my grandmother’s room. She lived with us, because having a senior at home meant we were eligible for a 90% property tax discount.

My mom was the only one who could keep a steady job. She pretty much paid all the bills.

I got into affiliate marketing to help her.

But ended up spinning my tail for years. In fact, it took me 3.5 years to make my first affiliate check of just $124.37!

igor kheifets first affiliate check

“Why It Took Me So Long? What Did I Do Wrong? How Can You Do It Faster?”

One of the biggest things I beat myself up today is ignoring so many signals and opportunities to get into this e-learning affiliate stuff so much sooner.
I spent a lot of time promoting MLM opportunities, physical products, Amazon, reselling stuff on eBay, and a bunch of other crap that didn’t work.
I thought long and hard about why I consciously ignored e-learning for so long, deliberately choosing to keep failing.

It all came down to my beliefs about money and success.

Stay with me.

Although I never said these things out loud to my friends or family, here is the exact belief system that drove every thought and action when I started:

  • You can’t get rich fast. You have to get rich slowly.
  • If you’re making a lot of money, it means you’re a crook.
  • You have to work hard for your money.
  • I should get paid by the hour, for the exact value I provide to other people.
  • If you’re making a lot of money, you’re an opportunist.
  • If you’re charging people a lot of money (hundreds or thousands of dollars), you’re “over-charging” them, you’re taking advantage of them
  • I’m not supposed to make a lot of money, because I’m nobody special.

“Is There Any Surprise Why I Made Decisions & Took Actions That Kept Big Windfalls AWAY?”

You don’t have to believe in any metaphysical stuff, to recognize what you believe about money and success determines how you make decisions around money.

More… these determine how you decide which opportunities to take and which ones to ignore.
Even more… these beliefs twist the facts to make any proof that doesn’t fit into this box they created irrelevant.

For example, when I show you a screenshot of making $4,017.88 in one day…

igor kheifets affiliate commissions

If you’ve got bad beliefs about money and success, your impulse would be to disqualify these commission earnings as fake or start asking “What’s the catch?”
Why would you do that?
Admitting making money is easy also means admitting the fact you haven’t made money with your affiliate business is your fault.

So let me tell you.
It may not be your fault you haven’t made money, because you’ve been fed a lot of bull**** about what works and what doesn’t work. And you can’t blame yourself for not being exposed to the right information. That’s not your fault.

But it’s your responsibility to deal with it.
It’s your responsibility to ask what’s the right thing for you to do right now, to get out of this mess?
And it’s your responsibility to say “YES” to the right opportunity.

But before you click the link below to go watch the free training I’ve made for you, you have to promise to at least suspend all this head-tripping stuff that may be getting in the way.

In other words…

“…You Have To Be Willing To Believe These 7 Truths About Money And Success”

  • You can get rich fast.
    You don’t have to get rich slowly. It used to be hard when you had to start physical businesses, buy expensive equipment, and hire a bunch of staff. Not anymore. Now all you need is a computer and an internet connection.
  • If you’re making a lot of money, it means people appreciate what you do to help them.
    Customers exchange value for money. They’ll never give you money for nothing or for something they don’t consider valuable to them. Money is a way for people to express appreciation to one another for the goods and services provided. So if you’re making a lot of money – people appreciate what you do a lot. If you’re making little money – people appreciate what you do just a little.
  • You don’t have to work hard for your money.
    A very dangerous belief is responsible for keeping so many people broke. It’s been taught to us since we were kids as if working really hard is a “noble” way to make money. If this was true, construction workers would be arriving at the site in limousines and Jeff Bezos would be riding a bicycle.
  • The “Paid by the hour” model is old and unfair.
    We’re used to paying people for their time. If you hire a lawyer, you pay an hourly retainer. If you see a therapist, you pay per session. But there’s a big problem with this model. You only have so many hours in a day. Rich people found a way to get out of this box because time is the most precious resource you’ve got. Broke people get paid by the hour. Rich people figured out a way to no longer get paid by the hour, because it’s a losing proposition, even if you’re making $500/hr.
  • If you’re making a lot of money, you’re a clever opportunist.
    This contradicts previous beliefs that it is corrupt. Many people can’t take money from others, because they don’t want to seem like they’re profiteering from the troubles of others. But that’s exactly how the economy works. If my car breaks down, I pay the mechanic to fix it. I don’t ask the mechanic to fix it for free, because he has to make a profit to keep the lights on in the shop, have the equipment ready when I need it, and be willing to wake up early, to see my car before I have to get to work. Someone’s problem (e.g. my car broke down) is someone else’s opportunity (e.g. mechanic gets paid to fix cars). You can’t get rich without accepting that.
  • If you’re charging people a lot of money (hundreds or thousands of dollars), you’re providing them a product or service at a fair deal price range.
    If you know one simple truth about people and human nature. People will never take a bad deal. Something that we know is true about almost any transaction between two people is that both have to feel they’re getting a good (or even the best) deal to say “yes” to it. This means whatever they’re getting – they consider to be more valuable than what they’re exchanging it for. When I buy a loaf of bread for $5, what I’m saying is this loaf of bread is worth more than $5 to me, so I feel good about paying $5 for having it and eating it. This goes double for expensive things that cost thousands of dollars. If I offer you a Rolls Royce for $2,000 would you take it? Probably would, because it’s worth so much more. This is the secret many people don’t realize. Just offer people expensive products that are worth 10X what you’re charging.
  • I am worthy to make a lot of money because I’m willing to take action.
    I initially did not think I was worthy of success, but now I’m a millionaire. My older brother, cousins, high school buddies and my neighbor is not. My brother and I grew up in the same household. We had the same opportunities. We hung around the same people. We went to the same school. The same could be said about my best friend Max. But I “made it” and they didn’t. Why? Because of environment or better education or shortage of opportunities? You can’t make that argument, because those were identical for us growing up. Nope. It was initiative and my open-mindedness to try things out until I found something that worked.

If you’re willing to try on these ideas, then I invite you to get excited about what you’re about to see and…

CONTINUE to WATCH the FREE Training.

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